S1E4 - Green Claw

8 months ago

After a lovely fall afternoon by the river with Darius, a sudden turn of events leads to Jared being neck-deep in trouble and even deeper within the frigid waters, face-to-face with the monster rumored to lurk in the depths.

Dr. Jared Hel is voiced by Casper Oliver (they/them), who is also the creator of the podcast. The River Monster is voiced by Jason Larock (he/him). Intro read by Vanessa Rosengrant (she/her) Credits read by Ashlee Craft (they/them), who also creates the podcast's official graphics Music by Luke Menniss (he/him).

Ad at the end of our episode was provided by fellow queer horror podcasters "The Great American Scream"!

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Join in Dr. Jared Hel's journey as he works to re-discover his forgotten past and learns about various entities and anomalies within the small farm town of Wichton for an organization called 'The Enclosure'. With episodes based upon real legends and lore within the midwestern United States, follow along as Jared tries to figure out the secrets of the town as well as the secrets of his own identity.