#1 – Pilot

3 years ago

Meet Dr. Jared Hel with his first audio-journal entry. Learn about The Enclosure, the organization that he works for, as well as various folks in the supernaturally charged midwestern farm town of Wichton- along with the black-eyed children who often come tapping and requesting shelter...

CW: this episode contains themes of fantasy violence, death, audio distortion

Official Transcript available here!

Written and produced by Casper Oliver (he/fae/they) who also voices Dr. Jared Hel Intro read by Nessa R (she/her) Credits read by Ashlee Craft (he/they), who also makes the podcast graphics Music by TheMenniss (she/they) https://themenniss.bandcamp.com/. Thunder sound-effects by ThePhantomMonk on YouTube.

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Follow Dr. Jared Hel's journey as he works to re-discover his forgotten past and finds his place within the small Indiana farm town of Wichton and the cryptozoological organization he works for called 'The Enclosure'. These audio journals, and other recordings, dive deep into Midwestern US cryptids and folklore while also telling a mystery about identity, queerness, neurodivergence, and community.